Geordan Shaffer may help shape the Kansas future of robotics

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TOPEKA (WIBW) -- Thursday at 3:10 is the magic hour for seaman high students who love robots.. and twelve-ten, the date not the time.. is the special day that would bring back holiday memories of opening a special gift. December tenth. when Don Koon’s robotics club good kids will take their ”can do” spirit.. to their first competition.

"And watching them work together, and teamwork and how to communicate with each other, that’s just been a fantastic element to it," Don told us on our recent visit to the club's session.

It wasn’t long ago when the robotics club was on its last wheels.. with a sponsor who left, and money drying up.. the club was resurrected by its brain child and founding father, Geordan Shaffer.

"Geordan, through an independent study class got this Cox Foundation grant to buy some robots, $5,000, and that was enough to buy 6 robots."

Also enough for Scarlett, it’s only female member.. and the 15 guys in the club with her.. to open the box .. and begin building the next robot in the Vikings assembly line.

Don also says, "they have wheels and they have an arm with a claw on it, and we’re going to modify them for a competition we’re going to.."

Then on the tenth of December. Seaman High, too, will take that first step to boldly go where (hardly any) Kansas robotics club has gone before.. getting to the point where winning these competitions will be a slam dunk.

"We’re going to be doing sort of mock competitions within the club, and what I’m hoping to do is take some of these to the competition at the other schools -- I’ve seen some of the competitions that have really been put together and it’s very structured everyone’s really got everything going," Geordan told us for our Good Kids report.

"Robotics is one of the fastest growing fields at this point, and really any sort of technology because of everything that’s happened, we look 5 years ago the iPhone had just come out and that was a huge deal and everything’s just increasing exponentially in terms of technologies.. with us planting the seeds here, we’ll be getting a lot more in Kansas."

Geordan has already been accepted to attend Wichita State University to major in Robotics Engineering, with a focus on design, and certainly a role to play in the future of robotics in Kansas.