Geary Co. Sheriff says actions taken by Minneapolis Officers will not be tolerated

Published: Jun. 2, 2020 at 3:14 PM CDT
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Geary County Sheriff, Daniel Jackson, stands with protestors he says.

Sheriff Jackson wrote a letter to the public regarding the recent protests and riots around the United States.

“As a law enforcement community, we must do better, and the statements calling for swift justice against those officers is a start,” says Sheriff Jackson. “I also condemn the actions of the rioters across this nation who are destroying the property of community members to include businesses of people who have spent their entire lives in those communities and provide services to all who live there.”

The Sheriff says the right to assemble does not and protest is crucial, but the damaging of lives done by riots is not.

Sheriff Jackson ended by saying that the actions of officers in Minneapolis will not be tolerated or accepted in the Geary County Sheriff’s Office.

“You cannot drown out darkness with darkness and you cannot drive out hate with hate,” says Sheriff Jackson.

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