From friendship to newlyweds, Kansas couple says it's never too late to find love

Published: Nov. 29, 2019 at 8:56 AM CST
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Usually at Thanksgiving tables you can expect to find lots of food

but in Abilene, Kansas, one family finds paintings aren't the only kind of art bringing them closer together. It's the love that Carmen and John Tower have for each other.

"He's a pretty nice guy, and he's always been very kind to me, he got me a lot of nice things, he's just very special," says Carmen.

You can't tell that Carmen Tower is 91-years-old, her friendship with her now husband, 82-year-old John Tower was nearly nine years in the making. The two grew closer when she drove John 30 miles for nearly two months from Abilene to Salina during his throat cancer treatments. Carmen says she thinks each trip made them get to know each other more.

Now they share a much stronger bond, the couple got married earlier in November and this is their first holiday with the same last name.

"I've been thankful that he's my husband now," said Carmen.

Carmen's husband John says it wasn't about how he found love but where he found love, at the only McDonald's in Abilene. A place he says he never would've expected to find a friend who he now calls his wife.

"I married a woman that I've been going with for eight and a half years, a woman that I loved for a long time but i just could never get up the courage to ask her to marry me," said John.

Celebrating more than just a meal but another opportunity to experience love among family and friends. Carmen says she thought she was too old to get married, but John says he's thankful to the Lord he brought him a wife his way.

The couple says love can strike at any moment but they are so glad they found each other.

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