French Middle School shows off their Chiefs pride for 'Chiefs day'

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Topeka Public Schools are showing off their Chiefs gear every Friday, especially ahead of the big game.

(WIBW/Danielle Martin)

French Middle School students and staff aren't just wearing their Chiefs pride, they are incorporating a Chiefs theme throughout the entire school.

"It's just great having everybody in the school support like the employees and the students," eighth grader of French Middle School, Vincent Redmond said.

Every Friday, students and staff members have the chance to dress in their Chiefs gear.

"Kids really enjoyed seeing their principals, me and the Assistant Principal Wagner dressing up in jerseys and having the black tape under our eyes and doing the whole raw raw for kc chiefs, so i think it had a positive effect," Principal of French Middle School, Kelli Hoffman explained. "There were a lot of, what we found life lessons that kids could learn about overcoming adversity, about doesn't matter how you start they game, it's how you finish."

Vincent Redmond says he's learned a lesson with the Chiefs winning, "back in the Texans playoff game in the divisional around, she was talking about how they were down 24-0 and how they got up and she related it to school and how we can get back up if we're down, it was cool."

"The Chiefs are modeling that all the time, Patrick Mahomes is modeling that all the time encouraging his teammates to finish and we're encouraging our kids to finish," Hoffman said.

From the library, to the cafeteria, they even created a video to teach students how this game relates to life.

"Using our teamwork at school, our team is our teachers, our parents, and our peers making sure we're all going the same direction and wanting to improve student achievement," Hoffman emphasized. "We've got positive feedback from teachers about that was a great way to connect something that's real for kids that they can connect to to school and what they're doing everyday."

As the Chiefs get ready for the big game, French Middle School says they are gearing up too.

"Our Super Bowl at school is our state assessments and their just around the corner, so figures cross KC Chiefs that you bring us a win so we can thing use that momentum to push us into our assessment," Hoffman said.

French Middle School plans to continue showing off their Chiefs pride next Friday.