French Middle School 8th graders tackle city issues

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Eighth graders at French Middle School showed their best efforts at making the city a better place.

Eighth grade science teacher Nathan Hamilton assigned his students a 9 week long project tackling issues they felt were important to the city of Topeka.

He said he gave the students freedom to choose their topic and that it is important for students to feel passionate about their topic and make their voices heard.

"They are the next generation that is going to do that,” Hamilton said. “They got to come up with all the problems they saw in Topeka and how they see it being solved. Some of them were the homeless, some of them have projects on stray animals, some of them are the potholes, but they’ve worked to see how they think it should be solved."

Council members and the attorney general were invited to the presentations as well as the general public.