Franklin Co. Mega Millions winner was in ER with child when they won $2 million

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- "Our luck is finally turning around.”

The state's newest millionaires couldn't have found out at a better time.

“We were actually sitting in the Emergency Room with one of our children, waiting for a doctor, when my wife pulled up the winning numbers on her phone," said the winner, who wanted to remain anonymous.

When they checked their ticket, the Franklin Co. couple realized they'd matched five out of six winning numbers - good for a cool $2 million. A quick trip to a nearby store while they waited at the hospital, confirmed they were on their way to easy street.

But, easy street had been a tough road for several months they said.

“Since April, my family has had a lot of health issues,” “Our daughter was in the hospital for a month. Due to several complications, she was in and out of the hospital after the month-long stay, and then I ended up having a heart attack."

Sitting in the hospital, they were of course excited, but also nervous, and scared. They couldn't wait to get home and put that ticket in the gun safe. Then, came the long wait - two very long days until the lottery office opened on Monday.

“We were anxious to claim the prize,” said the winner. “We didn’t want to get our hopes up until the ticket was verified by Lottery officials. Even now that it’s been claimed it doesn’t seem real.”

The ticket was purchased at the Casey's General Store 2839, 210 E. Franklin, in Pomona. They get a $1,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.