Four finalists chosen for new City of Topeka flag

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - More than 260 designs were submitted to be the new City of Topeka Flag, as part of Forge Young Professionals’ Topeka Flag Redesign Initiative.

Four designers from Topeka – Holly Foster, Linda Merillat, Julisa Medina, and Benjamin Vincent – were announced as the four finalists Tuesday at the Mayor’s office.

"I am sitting here and i'm just in awe with the amount of creativity that each of the artists have displayed,” Mayor Michelle De La Isla said at the conference.

Topeka's current flag was adopted in 1977 and designed by a local Boy Scout troop.

Forge decided it was time for a makeover.

"Of course, the flag in any community is the go-to symbol, and it really tells both visitors as well as residents the history, what the city is up to today, and an outlook of what the city is expecting to do in the future,” Leo Espinoza, chair of the Topeka Flag Redesign Initiative, said.

Each of the finalists received a check for $875, but there won’t be just one winner.

A group of local professionals will get feedback on the four looks and combine them into the final flag design.

“The feedback phase is so important because from that feedback, we'll be able to understand what speaks most to people,” Espinoza said. “So the things that speak most to people will most likely be what ends up making it on the final flag."

To have your say on what the final flag will look like, visit the Topeka Flag website.