Former teacher, along with Topeka High graduate, honored for helpful attitudes in the community

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A former teacher was honored as a "Champion of Character" Wednesday for continuing to help students with their education.

Tom Krebs was honored with the "Champion of Character" award from the Safe Streets Coalition and Topeka City of Character. Krebs volunteers every week to help mentor students in math at Topeka High School so they can graduate.

"It's very rejuvenating to be with young people and I particularly, given some of my other work, we have a lot of people who don't understand the issues going on in our schools," he said. "We don't understand the quality of kids. They can be underestimated and I just wanted to be part of working with these kids."

Krebs recommends every adult try volunteering at schools. He says when students have more adults around, they get the attention they need.

A recent Topeka High graduate was also honored for being a friend to everyone! Darren Canty received the 'Keys to Character' award, also from Safe Streets, for going out of his comfort zone and making everyone at his school feel welcome.

"That was something I grew up on because I've been through a lot and sometimes felt like that person that was pushed out so every chance that I got I made people feel like they're home," he said. "Topeka High, it's a home and a family so it felt good."

The "Keys to Character" award goes to a youth who had demonstrated character that improves the safety, health and life of the community.