Fork in the road: Lillis Backroads serving the freshest beef around

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LILLIS, Kan. (WIBW) - In a day and age when so many restaurants get their food supplies from major manufactures, one restaurant is staying true to its farm roots.

13 NEWS took the fork in the road to Lillis Backroads, where they serve the freshest beef you can find.

The story of this restaurant begins with feeding the cattle. Skip a few steps in between and it’s ends up on the table at Lillis Backroads.

"My husband raises beef. We run about a 250 head farm, and we wanted to offer that beef to the public,” Co-owner Mitzi Wegman said, “So in the summertime we have a steak night on Saturday nights once a month just getting it out there. People come in and buy meat to go."

You’ll find the family owned restaurant just off a dirt road as you enter the small unincorporated town of Lillis. Local farmer Keith Bramhall says the food and location is great for all the farmers in the area.

“Specially at the busy time like right now we're all putting up hay, you know we can call in get an order to go, or call in and say hey we're going to be coming by and stop in and eat, and so the convenience of it is really good for us out here,” Bramhall said.

In fact mitzies husband and co-owner Tom says it’s the freshest beef you can get.

"They are born and raised right here on the farm, we take care of them all our self as a family, and then when me and the wife purchased Lillis Backroads we thought one of the neat ideas to be to market out own home raised, home grown beef, and it's really taken off remarkably,” Tom said.

So whether you're farming nearby, or making the trek from far away to get the freshest beef around, Lillis Backroads is sure to impress.

The restaurant is open Wednesday through Saturday opening at 10:30 a.m.

On Wednesdays they’re open until 9:30 p.m., Thursdays until 10 p.m., and Friday and Saturdays until midnight.