Fork in the Road: You can find a "life-changing" burger at Slippery Pigs

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EFFINGHAM, Kan. (WIBW) -- Forty-six miles north of Topeka sits Effingham, Kansas, home to the Slippery Pigs BBQ and Pub.

Co-owners Tasha Henderson and Shaylen Kearne opened the business, 409 Main Street, two years ago. Tasha strives to have a family atmosphere or you can just have fun and relax.

One customer described the burgers as life-changing. Other items on the menu -pulled pork nachos and the brisket come highly recommended by the customers.

Slippery Pigs has daily specials. Friday night features barbecue ribs – would you can only get on that night.

They are open daily 11 to midnight and closed on Sundays.