Fork in the Road: The Wagon Wheel's been a meat lovers' favorite for generations

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) — The Wagon Wheel Cafe has been serving different tastes for meat lovers for generations and, they say, it's that ability to adapt that has kept them successful.

The Marysville, Kansas, restaurant certainly lives up to its name, serving as a central hub for the community since 1951.

"Oh there's a lot of people who have met in here and gotten married, and you know there's just a lot of people that come in every weekend with their family. A lot of people come after church," owner Laurie Parks explained.

Parks added that the Wagon Wheel has been around for so long people just enjoy coming in. That's a sentiment with which Kay Pacha, who's been coming certainly agrees.

"The people here, it's like a family unit all together, and everybody tries to help anybody, it's wonderful here," Pacha says.

While the cafe serves as a great gathering spot, it's the food that keeps people coming back again and again - in some cases for decades.

Ann Howell has been going there for 40 years, and definitely has her favorite: the rib-eyed steak.

"People around here are meat and potato people, Parks says. "They like a lot of meat. We have a Meat Lovers burger; we have a Prime Rib burger; we have a Blue River burger. We just have a lot of different variety."

That prime rib burger is the Wagon Wheel's best seller, and they gave 13 NEWS a sneak peek at how its made.

"We start with grilled mushroom and onion. We add swiss and cheddar, and slice off some prime rib to go on it, and we are just going to warm that up a little bit. Add a toasted Ciabatta bun," Wagon Wheel cook Ted Bourchet explained.

The Wagon Wheel Cafe is located at 703 Broadway, in Marysville. They are open Monday through Saturday from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.