Fork in the Road: Spanky's provides big fun in a small town

SENECA, Kan. (WIBW) -- In a town of just over 2,000, Spanky's Bar & Grill has been a staple for the residents of Seneca to have a good time while enjoying great food.

Spanky's sits right on Main Street. Owner Jean Koch has worked here for 24 years and has owned it with her husband for 11 years. She says a lot of fresh-faced 21-year-olds have come through the doors.

"It seems like everybody always celebrates their first 21st legal drink in here," Taylor Niehuse, a long-time customer, said.

Jean says they enjoy giving people a fun place to go, especially the younger crowd.

“There's not a lot for young kids to do anymore and we try to do fun things to keep them coming in," Jean said.

A staple in Seneca, the bar and grill is the place to go. Even when area kids go off to other places, they always find their way back for the holidays.

"Spanky’s has always been the place they come back to over the holidays either with their friends that they haven't seen since last year or several years,” Jerry Koch, owner, said. “You hear people talking about Spanky’s all the time"

"When we were coming back from college when we were 21, they call it Spanksgiving, or whatever, so everybody kind of meets here and just hang out all night,” Darren Holthaus, a long-time customer, said. “They're always a good time and everybody always gets wild and it’s a good time."

"It always seems like the New Year's party or even when we get Oak Leaf playing in here, Oakleaf's a small town band, it’s always fun,” Niehuse said. ‘Spanksgiving is always kind of the thing to do."

The fun environment coupled with their food keeps customers in the doors.

"They're always going to talk to you like you're their next door neighbor,” Niehuse said. “It seems like we always have a good time and the good food is the main reason we're in here always."

"The hamburgers are huge and the portions are so big you can't hardly every finish them,” Holthaus said.

Jean says their half-pound burgers are never frozen and her husband smokes ribs and chickens on the weekends.

"It's always just been a community place to come,” Jean said. “All different people of walks of life have come through here."

Spanky's is open Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. On Friday and Saturday, they close at 2 a.m.

Their Facebook page also shows when they have special events or performances.