FORK IN THE ROAD: Smokin' Wille's BBQ Food Truck cooks up deliciousness in record time

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WAMEGO, Kan. (WIBW) - Quickness meets deliciousness in this week’s Fork in the Road. We traveled over to Wamego where Smokin' Wille's BBQ food truck is filling stomachs in record time.

“We can usually do two orders in a minute, because we know everybody is on lunch and has to get back,” co-owner Karen Wille said.

And it’s not just the speed that stands out, Karen’s husband and business partner Jeffrey Wille says they serve competition BBQ that just ended up on a food truck.

“We were doing competitions and a lot of people asked if we would cook for them and one thing led to another,” Jeffrey said.

The owners say what may set Smokin’ Wille’s apart from other BBQ joints is how tender and moist their meats are.

“[We use] a Miron Mixon flat rack H2O, it’s got a water pan in it to it infuses moisture into the meat as its cooking.” Jeffrey explained.

They are in such high demand that they even plan to expand an industrial kitchen to serve more customers. Some of their top dishes include award winning ribs, burnt ends, and pulled pork - a main ingredient in their popular nachos. They also have sides like potatoes, beans, coleslaw, and chips, plus Karen makes their own sauces.

"We make the apple chipotle, the peach pig juice, the sweet apple and the peach habanero.” Karen said. “We make them in small quantities, so they are very fresh."

Jeffrey retired from his other longtime job in May and now the husband and wife duo are doing this full time, and even offer catering.

You can check the food trucks lists of stops, and their hours on their Facebook page.

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