Fork in the Road: Sideways Bar & Grill

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- A new bar and grill in Topeka is trying to make a name for itself and you truly must take the fork in the road to get there!

That’s because it’s tucked behind the Walmart on 37th street. Take the fork in the road, and under the big Topeka water tower, you’ll find Sideways Bar and Grill.

“Nice little hideout if you don’t want anyone to know where you’re at,” said owner Jace Sullivan.

Sullivan opened the bar, despite the challenges of finding it. He’s visited it for a long time, when it held other names.

“I always loved this bar. I love the location just because people can’t drive by and see my car, or see my motorcycle siting out there. So, it’s a great location just to get away from everything,” he explained.

Plus, he says his burgers and wings will make you rethink bar food.

“I love my own food, and I always have,” he laughed.

Take for example the cheeseburger. Sullivan doesn’t put the cheese on top, “I always hated when you’d go put mayonnaise or ketchup on your and you go to pull off the top and the cheese half comes off on that. It was just a gooey mess so I was like, well hey, let’s start putting cheese inside of it,” he said.

But it grew past the cheese. With a little experimenting, he fit a lot more inside, too.

“This is the sideways burger. Pepper Jack Cheese. You’ve got crispy bacon that’s crunched up and put in there. It’s not strips that stick out. One thing you’ve gotta do when you’re cooking a stuffed burger, you’ve got to make sure you seal the edges because if you don’t, that cheese heats up, it’s gonna leak out,” he explained as the cook made the burger.

That’s just one burger. You’ll have to keep visiting to try them all. And if you’re not feeling like burgers, go for the wings.

“I love the environment. I love the people. The food. It’s just a great time to come and hang out with friends,” said Sarah Brown who visits Sideways.

And you’ll make plenty of friends if you share your leftovers.

Sideways also delivers through MyTownToGo, but Sullivan says half of the fun is the experience of stopping in.