Fork in the Road: One bada** burger in Harveyville

Published: Nov. 27, 2018 at 5:48 PM CST
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Finding good food isn’t hard in Northeast Kansas. We’ve showcased several great restaurants in the region, but our next Fork in the Road was sent into us by several viewers who say they travel to the small town of Harveyville as often as they can to eat at Hell Rayzors bar and grill.

That’s because as soon as you walk in the door, you feel at home. And that’s exactly how owners Bobbi and Kevin Rayzor like it.

“The customers who come in here, they’re family. Once they’re here, they’re family,” said co-owner Bobbi Rayzor.

For the past two and a half years, they have taken an old car garage and transformed it into the perfect restaurant.

"Kevin and I have always been car people and we knew that doing it in Harveyville, being so far out and away from everybody, that we were going to have to make it a destination place,” Bobbi explained.

Using the model of a garage, they turned it into the ultimate “man cave" as Bobbi puts it, with car memorabilia along the walls as well as tables on lifts. But what makes it stand out even more is the food.

“We don’t have a freezer. We don’t have very big 'frigerator space. It is cut fresh everyday. It is cooked fresh everyday,” she detailed.

Then in the summer, they even grow their own ingredients in Bobbi’s garden. All that goes into making, what they call, One Bada….amazing Burger. Kevin Rayzor makes two kinds of burgers…big, and very big.

"You get anything and everything on it you want for the same price, so it can be pretty tall,” said Kevin Rayzor.

And it’s made to order, cooked just like you like it. But you can’t forget the fries.

“These are all hand cut potatoes that we cut right here,” said Kevin as he showed off his kitchen.

Once it’s all cooked, Bobbi delivers it to your table with a smile.

The thing is: it’s not just the burger that makes the place. It’s the atmosphere, and the people who run it.

“I’d heard that what they had done for the community was just phenomenal,” said customer Eric Rucker.

Rucker has become a regular customer, driving from Topeka several times a month just to get a bite to eat. He says he learned about how the Rayzors donate money to help those who are still trying to recoup from the 2012 tornado that claimed one life, and hurt so many others.

“They understand the hurting that the community went through, and so they’ve set aside a lot of their efforts to make certain that their bar and grill succeeds of course, but the community succeeds as well. And that’s what makes Bobbie and Kevin unique,” Rucker explained.

So with good food, a good place, and a good heart, it makes the perfect recipe for the perfect bar and grill.

Hell Rayzors Bar and Grill is open Wednesday through Sunday. They have also expanded with an Air B&B, for those who want to have a couple of drinks with their meal.