Fork in the Road: Lamont Hill Resort provides home made food and environment

VASSAR, Kan. (WIBW) -- A full service restaurant was not the original plan for this golf course in Vassar, KS.

But what started as a place to grab a snack evolved into the Lamont Hill Resort's restaurant.

"We got married in ‘74 and we've been here ever since," Nancy Persinger, owner of Lamont Hill, said.

A dairy farm near Pomona Lake transformed into a golf course in the 1970s and continued to evolve.

"It really just took off and we went with it," Keith Persinger, owner of Lamont Hill, said.

Keith said it started with a place for golfers to grab a snack, grew into a breakfast spot for lake goers then became a full restaurant.

Back then, local farm ladies took charge of cooking, but now, they get help from area high school students.

"They have to learn to interact with people and we've had some that have been really shy when they come and hardly even talk,” Nancy said. “We have repeat customers, they get to know them and start talking to them they have come out of there shell."

Tori Tomlinson has been a waitress at Lamont Hill since her sophomore year at Osage City High School.

"It's kind of like family around here,” Tomlinson said. “I know all the customers really well. I know them by their first names."

Lamont Hill, prides themselves on not using food out of a can. And because of that, the fresh ingredients help create a home environment.

"That's the way we started out,” Keith said. “We want to keep that going in our tradition here."

"We learned from the farm ladies that used to work for us and a lot of them are gone now,” Nancy said. “It’s important to keep that tradition up."

That tradition keeps regulars coming back.

"The food is actually home-cooked,” John T. Custenborder, a regular at Lamont Hill, said. “Nancy does about 80 percent of it. Keith makes some of the pies. It’s pretty well much home cooked stuff."

Lamont Hill has a variety of specials throughout the week and are open every day from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.