Fork in the Road: Happy eats at The Mad Greek

Published: Apr. 2, 2018 at 12:15 PM CDT
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What looks like your average neighborhood bar on the outside, becomes a complete Grecian experience as you step inside the doors.

And it's right in Lawrence.

Tucked between dozens of other eateries on Massachusetts Street, The Mad Greek is one restaurant that is a 'must eat'.

Owned by Theo and Deb Tagtalianidis, the restaurant has been a Lawrence staple since 1988, giving new and old customers a delicious taste of Greek culture.

But don't let the name fool you.

"People see me, and they say, hey, he's not mad!" Theo Tagtalianidis said. Instead he says, customers are greeted with a smile, and a plate of great food.

Frequent customer Dan Klinknett says he has eaten at The Mad Greek hundreds of times. "The food is always good, and whether or not you want to have exotic Greek food, it doesn't really matter," he said. "They have a wide variety of things that will make anybody happy."

The Gyro, or pronounced "Yee-Ro" is one of the best sellers. The flaming cheese dish, 'Saganaki' is also a favorite. Theo Tagtalianidis says he puts a 'lot of love' into his dishes and that meeting new people is one of the perks of the job.

"I love talking to people," he said. "So much so, that sometimes I talk a little too much, and they are ready for me to go!"

Co-owner Deb Tagtalianidis says that one special thing helps her walk through the doors each day.

"People come back with with their kids, and now their kids are grown, and they bring their kids here, that's what makes me proud.

But what keeps the restaurant going, is the love from the customers.

"I've been coming here since college," customer Dara Witte said. "This is a must try!"

The Mad Greek celebrated 30 years with the debut of a new food truck. For more information, visit

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