Floodplain map in Manhattan raising some questions

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MANHATTAN, Kan. (WIBW) - Neighborhoods in Manhattan in the floodplain area have some streets and sections of neighborhoods nearby that are not in the floodplain.

Chad Bunger, Floodplain Manager for the City of Manhattan, says that floodplain maps are based on previous rainfall data, land surveys, and LIDAR.

LIDAR is a laser light from an airplane that measures the contours of the landscape.

Bunger says the floodplain map is created by a partnership between an engineering firm, and the State’s Department of Agriculture and Division of Water Resources to determine the areas of the floodplain.

The map is sent to FEMA for approval, however, flood waters don’t follow lines on a map.

“So if you can see a creek or river, you have a low-lying area beside your house, or drainage pipes or anything like that, it would be highly recommended for you and your family to be protected by flood insurance.” City of Manhattan’s Assistant Director of Community Development and Floodplain Manager, Chad Bunger says.

If you buy flood insurance, double check what is covered by your policy.

To find out if you live in the floodplain area please visit the City of Manhattan website.