Treasurer: $860,000 returned to Kansans Wednesday

Published: Dec. 4, 2019 at 4:29 PM CST
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The Kansas State Treasurer opened up the vaults on Wednesday to give Kansans their cash and unclaimed property this holiday season, if it's in their names.

The Treasurer has launched

The website is set up where people can put in their name and see if there is money or property that can be claimed.

You can always look up the name of friends and family members and see if they have unclaimed cash as well. All day yesterday, nearly 29,000 people in our area took advantage of the opportunity to see if they could claim what is rightfully theirs.

Those nearly 29,000 searches netted people watching the 13 News On Your Side special close to $860,000 in claims.

The Treasurer’s office also has physical property like jewelry, coins, keepsakes, all obtained from unclaimed safety deposit boxes. If someone has property that is unclaimed, the Treasurer’s office will send a claim form to you. The forms can also be filed online.

Find out if you have something in the vault by going to

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