Fiesta Mexicana's King and Queen, also reign as Good Kids

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TOPEKA (WIBW) -- Fiesta Mexicana is proud of its 2017 Fiesta Mexicana Royalty during this 84th annual event.

Hannah Marie Pickering and Neftaly Morales Aquino graciously and enthusiastically accepted the invitation two months ago, and are now enjoying the fame that comes with doing the kitchen work that earned them the crowns as King and Queen of Fiesta this July.

Hannah is a lifelong member of the parish and is active in the OLG Choir, a Life Teen Leader, Lector and School of Religion Teacher. Running for Fiesta Royalty has always been a dream of Hannah’s since two of her brothers were crowned King in 2006 and 2008. Hannah is dedicating her campaign to her maternal grandmother Aurora Pimentel Delgado.

Neftaly is a senior at Topeka High School graduating later this month. He is active in the Gardening Club, and Cross Country and Track teams. He plans to attend college to receive a degree so he can give back to his parents for all they have done for him. He decided to run for Fiesta Royal because his sister, Lorena is last year’s princess. He is looking forward to the friendships and experiences he will gain.

Congratulations to them both, from 13 News!