Farmers rush to harvest before cold weather gets here

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) -- South Central Kansas farmers rush to harvest crops and plant wheat before the cold weather gets here.

Farmer Steven McCloud says many farmers are harvesting soybeans and corn.

"Typically your most significant risk factor in the field is the weather, and when the crops are ripe they’re harvested obviously," said McCloud. "When you have rain, snow, other weather events coming, typically damage can occur."

He says the looming deadline is putting a strain on farmers.

"Stress is mainly in the form of just the anxiety of needing to get things done and really long hours," said McCloud. "It just raises the stress level and the fatigue level."

Harvesting takes time, and McCloud says farmers may not finish in time.

"They are planting wheat, and they are doing multiple things," said McCloud. "All of the rain that we’ve had in October in that time frame really put people behind in terms of planting next year’s wheat crop and harvesting, and unfortunately everything is needing to be done at once. Some are working feverishly right now. The clock is ticking."