Faris family featured at 17th annual Evening as a Child

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Easterseals Capper Foundation hosted the 17th annual Evening as a Child Saturday at the Expocentre.

The Faris family was this years featured family. Parker Faris is 8 years old and has Autism Spectrum Disorder. His mother, Nicole Faris, said the Capper Foundation has been a lot of help.

Parker is on the higher functioning end of the spectrum. Nicole said that despite his disability, she wants him to grow up being part of a community.

“It’s such an important part to teach them early on and to teach those around him early on that they're a part of the community,” Nicole said. “With Parker, making sure that he does mainstream school, as well as the autism specialist time that he does at Capper 3 days a week, it’s all very important.”

The theme of the fundraiser was superheroes, which was a perfect fit for the Faris’.

"We love it. This is our lives at home,” Nicole said. “He has days where he doesn’t leave the costume, so we are a superhero family."

13s Melissa Brunner was the emcee of the fundraiser which included a silent auction and a raffle with all proceeds helping the Capper Foundation change the way the world defines and views disabilities.