Fans embrace camaraderie and rivalry at Big 12 Tournament

KANSAS CITY, Mo. Big 12 fans from across the nation descended on Kansas City for the Big 12 Tournament.

10 teams and their fans made their way to the Sprint Center to battle for the trophy and with all these fans in one place, they were bound to run into some rivals as well.

“Well it’s very nice. I’m not sure if KU has ever played a night game on the first night of the tournament,” Bruce Ney, a KSU fan, said. “It’s a nice change to be number one.”

Some fans embraced the camaraderie of having so many people come to town.

As a number 1 seed, Wildcat fans walked around with their heads held high, especially when confronted by their in state rivals.

“It’s probably one of the hardest things to ever happen to me in my life most likely,” Gavin Crosthwait, a KU fan, said. “It’s really a letdown to be honest.”

K-State fans will be sticking around for at least another day as they will play Iowa State Friday.

KU plays Texas Thursday night.