Fake Patty's Day to take over Aggieville in Manhattan

Published: Mar. 6, 2018 at 4:53 PM CST
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For one weekend out of the year a town that bleeds purple goes green.

The annual Fake Patty’s Day celebration draws people from all over the country to Manhattan and Aggieville to enjoy the fake holiday.

This marks the 11th year of the celebration-- businesses and K-State students are preparing in style for the event this Saturday. There will be an increase in police presence to make sure the public is safe.

Kansas State student Kathryn Ryan has attended the event for 5 years.

"We are on spring break when St. Patrick’s Day actually happens so we made up obviously, Fake St. Patty’s Day and that’s our substitute for St. Patrick’s day," Ryan explained.

K-State Police Lieutenant Bradli Millington said he wants the public to use common sense and be safe.

“Make sure you are in the property area so you don’t get an open container. Stay in the bars and don’t bring them out onto the city streets," said Lt. Millington. "Or, if your at your house stay on the property so you don’t end up in the street or on the sidewalk.”

Fake Patty’s Day festivities start Saturday with music and lots of drinks.