Faith-based leaders demand the reunification of families separated at border

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Kansas Interfaith Action held a vigil on immigration and separated families Monday afternoon at the Capitol.

It followed a weekend of immigration rallies across the country.

Executive director Rabbi Moti Rieber said he’s trying to unite those of all backgrounds to continue the movement locally.

"We think that the way that the government is treating asylum seekers and refugees, criminalizing what they're trying to do is immoral and wrong,” he explained. “And we're standing here as representatives of many different faiths to speak to the moral issues involved."

He said they plan to bring pressure to local representatives and the federal government to change the immigration policies.

Several people at the vigil spoke up on current laws and policies, and they demanded the reunification of families across the country and in Topeka.

Former U.S. Attorney for Kansas Barry Grisson said three children separated from their parents at the border are still in the care of the Villages in Topeka.

"They are a local version of what we're seeing nationally,” Rabbi Moti Rieber added.

Members of the faith-based issue advocacy group said they’ll stand together until they see change.