Camo comes home: Facebook helps find dog lost after crash

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - For two days since a head-on collision on Highway 24 that sent three people, including a four-year-old child, to the hospital, friends of one of the crash victims have searched the area for their dog who ran off.

“When we got the word out on Facebook, it started traveling. We knew it was getting shared over and over again. I lost count how many times it was being shared, "family friend Tammy Hale said.

It was those Facebook shares that helped a woman spot Camo along the side of Highway 24.

"This lady named Cindy, was driving to work and saw him on the side of 24 Highway, and she stopped a coaxed him over to her, and she called the sheriff to come get him, so that she could get on to work.” Hale said.

Hale said it helped that Caitlyn Midyett, was was driving the SUV Camo was in, has a lot of friends who helped out in the search. After the wreck, Midyett and the driver of the other car were both flown directly to a Kansas City hospital.

One of the people who joined in the search, professional animal tracker Stephanie Avila said her business partners called her and asked for advice on what to do to recover the dog.

“So my advice was to put out some articles of clothing of the young lady that was in the accident, as well as the dog’s bed or something that smelled like the dog,” Avila said.

The idea ultimately drew the dog back to the crash site, which helped him be spotted by the passerby.

So now the Midyett family can heal with the help of Camo at their side.

"He's [Camo’s] got a little abrasion on his foot, but he’s doing good...Caity's son is very attached to this dog, and I think he'll be able to rely on him and have that buddy whiles hes waiting for his mom to get better and life starts getting back to normal again, Hale said.

The Midyett family has created a fundraiser to help pay for medical expenses. You can donate at