FORK IN THE ROAD: Coco Bolos, Wood-Fired Grill and Cantina

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MANHATTAN, Kan. (WIBW) -- Bud and Bobby Cox started Coco Bolos back in 1998. Their passion for good food gave them the idea to fuse the flavors of the deep-south with the tastes of the Caribbean and a touch of Mexico. Bud Cox said their secret is their wood-fire grill.

“So we have a wood fire grill here but the wood is called Coco Bolo wood and so we named our restaurant after the heaviest, richest wood in the world because we burn a lot of wood here. We have this wood fire grill that cooks all of our steaks,” explained Cox.

Bud and his brother Bobby have four decades of experience cooking in kitchens all over the US and have mastered the art of fusion cuisine-- that can be tasted in every bite.

“Back when we were coming up there was no culinary schools, there was one in New York City and that’s about it. So we just worked under great chefs and worked hard," Cox said. "Bobby and I aren’t the skinniest people. We love what we do.”

General Manager Josh Deal said his staff is committed to great service and that’s lead to their great success.

“Keep the consistency up, keep the flavors popping, that’s why we’ve been open for twenty years, it’s just consistency and an awesome staff,” said Deal.

Dan Dempsey was one of Coco Bolos first customers back 20 years ago, he still comes in about once a week to enjoy their Chili Verde.

Dempsey explained, “It’s Tex Mex, its fusion of a lot of different foods, come down and try it that’s all I can say. The best advice would be to check it out. Service is absolutely fantastic, foods always on time, people are very friendly here. It’s a college town so it’s a very social kind of place.”

Cox said if you eat here once you will come back.

“People come here and it’s kind of an addictive place. You got all the color and beauty inside the restaurant, the décor we’ve got really good music going on, up tempo music,” said Cox. “The smell of the wood fire grill. You know you can’t beat that and then of course the food is very unique, very flavorful, a lot of flavor.”

Coco Bolos will satisfy your ears with great music and your taste buds with amazing flavors.

Coco Bolos, 1227 Bluemont Ave., is open seven-days a week and Friday, Oct. 26th they’re holding a rum tasting—check out Coco Bolos’ Events for more details.