Emotions run high during County Commission meeting

TOPEKA, Kan (WIBW) -- A possible bed and breakfast and reception hall drew mixed reactions from neighbors during Monday’s County Commission meeting.

Two property owners asked Commissioners to grant conditional use permits to host events throughout the year.

The first request was for a bed and breakfast inn to be held on a property near Southeast 35th and Paulen Road. The property owner, Rod McCollum, said his space would also be used to host several other events.

The second request was to establish a reception and conference facility on Southwest 61st St. East of Auburn Road. Owner, Brian Boyd, said they currently host several activities such as summer camps and other church events. He would like the permit to be able to sustain the property by charging to host one wedding a month.

Both cases received mixed reviews. Some neighbors told Commissioners they’re concerned about noise.

However, the property owners said they want to help the community.

“I asked for five events, and that leaves me on for the purpose of neighbors and charity events that I could possibly do to help the community,” McCollum said.

Boyd said his property is important to the community, and has already received a lot of support.

“Topeka really needs something like this. Over the last several years various ministries have established this as sort of their home ground from which they operate,” he said.

Commissioners did not decide either permit during the meeting. They’ll take up the Paulen Road request next week, and Southwest 61st in two weeks.

If the permits are not approved the property owners said they would have to look to other options such as to sell.