Ed Harris and Jason Sudeikis head for Parsons, Kan., in new Netflix flick

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PARSONS, Kan. (WIBW) — Kodachrome. A famous brand of film developed by Kodak before WWII and that reached its apex of popularity in the 60’s – to the point it was immortalized in song by Paul Simon – was discontinued nearly a decade ago. Its unique properties made it famous in its day and brought about a wave of nostalgia once it was gone.

And, now it’s the reason Ed Harris and Jason Sudeikis make a road trip to the Sunflower State in a newly released Netflix film (no pun intended).

Harris’ character, Ben, was a legendary photographer with a few rolls of photos left that were shot on Kodachrome cameras. Unfortunately, there’s only one shop left that can still develop them – and it’s in Parsons, Kansas.

Enlisting his estranged son Matt, played by Sudeikis, to drive, the pair, along with Elizabeth Olsen, take off on a road trip to southeast Kansas. The journey gives the father and son a chance to reconnect.

Sadly, while you see them passing into town, underneath the giant sign welcoming you to Parsons, people there say no parts of the movie were actually shot there.