Blizzard strands drivers at truck stops

Published: Nov. 25, 2018 at 5:40 PM CST
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Low visibility and rapid snow fall from the blizzard caused parts of I-70 to shut down---leaving several travelers stranded at truck stops.

Families, truck drivers, and college students pack the Sapp Brothers truck stop at exit 295 off I-70 West.

This is the furthest west travelers can go on I-70 because emergency officials shut down the highway.

College students Donna Borer and Ian Heinrich were traveling back to school in Colorado after spending Thanksgiving break with family, now they’re stranded until the roads are safe to travel. Borer said they scheduled the wrong time to make the trip.

“Good seeing family but bad timing heading back out. We’re both heading to the Colorado Springs area from Missouri. Six hours left on a sunny day who knows how long it’s going to take,” said Borer.

Professional truck driver Garrett Martin said he was on his way to California when the road conditions made it close to impossible for him to continue.

“The Sheriff and State Trooper told us to pull off the road so that’s what I did, to Sapp Brothers truck stop,” explained Martin.

Martin said he’s on a deadline to make his truck delivery.

“I got a truck full of meat nice steaks so I appreciate it if the roads open up. They can drop some salt down on the roads so, I can get down to California that would be fantastic.”

For Donna and Ian, they’re waiting out the storm with the hopes of a better path.

“It’s pretty rough out there, white-out conditions is almost no visibility the roads are in terrible shape you only got one lane to travel through. We’ve just been following trucks and hoping for the best," said Heinrich.

For those stranded at this truck stop they’re happy to be safe.