Dozens participated in a peaceful protest in Manhattan on Saturday

Published: May. 30, 2020 at 8:32 PM CDT
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Dozens of people gathered in Manhattan near Aggieville Saturday morning for a peaceful protest and march to raise awareness of the injustice and inequality in our society.

Community members gathered in Triangle Park after organizers reached out to Riley County Police Department’s Director Dennis Butler, as a courtesy on Friday evening.

“This is what we're doing so you're not caught off guard by it and…and right away, he was very supportive, to be able to say ‘okay, well, what do you need from us?’ and that's really what it should be.” organizer, Trumanue Lindsay says.

The peaceful protest started with statements by organizers Jahvelle Rhone and Trumanue Lindsey, as well as community members Rachel Shivers, Fanny Fang, and a group of K-State seniors.

“We have the tendency…things happen, we react and then everything goes back to normal, you know, business as usual. We cannot continue to go back to business as usual, because that's how we keep coming back to these places.” organizer, Trumanue Lindsay says.

The group stood in protest at the edge of Anderson Avenue before marching down the sidewalk on Bluemont Avenue to Juliette Avenue, before coming back to Triangle Park for closing remarks.

“Something’s gotta change. Something has to change. And I keep saying that, and it's not going to be just me. It's not going to be just you, it's not going to be just those watching. It has to change systemically, institutionally, it has to change.” organizer, Jahvelle Rhone says.

“We're all humans, in that, we need to not only show the empathy, but show that empathy through our actions.” Asian Market, owner, Fanny Fang says.

Another silent, peaceful protest has been planned for Tuesday, June 2nd in Triangle Park at 6:30pm.