Dozens of children find forever homes on National Adoption Day

Published: Nov. 17, 2018 at 4:58 PM CST
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Dozens of families grew a little bigger on Saturday at the Shawnee County Courthouse.

Nov. 17 is National Adoption Day, and Tyson Marsh, dressed to the nines in his Superman costume, will celebrate as an official member of the Marsh family.

“We’ve decided to wear shirts that say ‘Superman was adopted too,’ because Ty is our Superman," Nathan Marsh, Tyson's father, said. "Ty has been in our house for just a little over a year and we are happy that he is officially a Marsh.”

Dozens of local families came together on National Adoption Day to finalize adoptions.

“Typically adoption finalizations just are a come-and-go thing, there’s one maybe every week or two," Krystalle Hulsey, Director of Adoption Services for KVC, said. "On average we probably finalize maybe 30 to 50 adoptions a month.”

Thirty-five adoptions were finalized on Saturday alone.

The celebration was an opportunity to call attention to the approximately 500 children in Kansas currently available for adoption.

"There are so many children that need caring and loving homes. Foster care is not easy, but it is something that has meant the world to us," Nathan said. "I would just encourage people to bring joy into their lives through adoption, and through foster care, and to be a good role model to these children who may not have had good lives up to this point."

Ty is the second child adopted into the Marsh family. Ty's sister Shamonique was adopted last August.

The Marshes say that while the legal finality is an exciting milestone, Ty has always been a part of the family.

“Ty has officially been ours since he moved into the home. We love him, we care about him, and today was just a formality to be able to celebrate our family together," Nathan said.