Dorthy Stucky Halley influence leaves a lasting legacy

Published: May. 5, 2020 at 10:25 AM CDT
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Domestic violence prevention can be difficult task to manage, but Dorthy Stucky Halley always found ways to improve the system.

Attorney General, Derek Schmidt recognized Dorthy Stucky Halley as the new the Lifetime Service Award for her efforts.

"Dorthy is one of those rare people who has both professional consistency and tremendous empathy for people," Attorney General, Derek Schmidt said. "Dorthy is first recipient of that award, very appropriately and were going to name that award in her honor going forward for others who follow in her foot steps."

"It was quite an honor and rather humbling," Halley responds.

Dorthy is retiring after working 12 years working in the Attorney Generals' office as the director of the Attorney General's Victims Services Division and the State's Victim Rights Coordinator for twelve years.

"While we're sad were going to lose her services were delighted to be able to work with her all these years and call her our friend," Schmidt said.

"So coming to the attorney generals office really enabled me to put some of those thoughts into action and I really enjoyed my time there," Halley said.

Dorthy has worked in the field of domestic violence prevention since 1986.

"I think it's those difficult stories though and kind of in memory of those victims that the work has new meaning and the drive continues to make a difference," Halley explained.

Dorthy says she always saw the need for change, "I felt the need for more system based policy work to occur in order to positively impact victims."

"My goal is let's look at how we can get that violence to stop and for them to really understand that this is not, they do not have to pass this cruelty on to the next generation," Halley added.

But, she says the work is not over, "I certainly don't see my work as being done, I think it was time for that change to happen and that transition and from that point my husband and I have the Halley Counseling services and I'm certain that I'll be doing some things through that as well."

Dorthy plans to continue her outreach programs and counseling services for victims.

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