Fork in the Road: This restaurant raises money for 3-year-old with cancer

VASSAR, Kan. (WIBW) - It all started with a few generous truck drivers.

"I had a great grandson that had heart problems,” Dorothy Brecheisen, owner of Green Acres Restaurant in Vassar, Kan., said. “And so they started hanging dollars up there to help with expenses from that, and it's just gone on from there. I lost my great grandson. He was waiting on a heart transplant."

Since then, Brecheisen and her customers at Green Acres Restaurant have been giving back through dollar bills pinned in the ceiling.

"We have dollars on the ceiling for different people,” Brecheisen said. “Right now, it's for a little three-year-old that has cancer. She’ll soon be four."

Madi was diagnosed in March of 2018.

“The little girl, she's lost her hearing through all this. It's a brain cancer. They’re going get her a hearing aid,” Brecheisen said. “"I talked to the dad, he calls me Grandma Dorothy. He said, 'Grandma Dorothy, do you know how much that costs?' I said, 'No, I have no idea.' He said 'they told me three or four thousand.'”

Diners at Green Acres Restaurant have been doing what they can to help raise money for the young girl.

"Surely somebody can help this family,” Brecheisen said. “But we've got dollars on the ceiling that's going to help them, too."

It’s not the only charity work patrons of the Vassar restaurant take part in.

"Our customers donate a lot of things like the hats, the gloves, and stuff in the fall, are donated. We have a 'giving tree,' we call it,” Brecheisen said. “And then we give it to the Help House there in Osage County."

The famous home-style cooking brings customers in the front doors.

"I was a truck driver, and I would eat all over the country, and come here and get the best fried chicken there is made,” Darrell Johnson, a regular at the restaurant, said.

However, it’s the people that bring them back.

"This is my family, my life,” Brecheisen said. “I lost my husband 18 years ago, and he just said 'You keep right on goin', Dorothy, you'll be fine.' Well, we are. We're all fine."

Green Acres Restaurant is open 5:30 am to 9 pm, seven days a week. You can find the restaurant — and bring dollars for Madi — at 4961 KS-268 in Vassar, Kan.