Decade out of prison, convicted sex offender wins seat on Cloud County CC board


CONCORDIA, Kan. (KWCH) -- Some voters in Cloud County are taken by surprise in learning a candidate appearing on ballots in last month's election has a criminal history.

Richard Hubert won a seat on the Cloud County Community College Board of Trustees. What he didn't share during the campaign is that he's on the public offenders registry.

Hubert has been out of prison for a decade. In that time, he says he's been trying to make the most of his second chance. It's an effort that continues, he says, with his decision to run for the position with Cloud County Community College in Concordia.

In 2006, Hubert was convicted on a sexual assault charge involving an 8-year-old girl. While he maintains his innocence, he says his attorney told him it didn't matter and to plea because of who was prosecuting the case.

"(The prosecutor) was running for attorney general. It seemed like they were trying to get some political points," Hubert says.

Since his release from prison for the crime, Hubert says it's something he keeps to himself.

"It's easier, I think if you just don't talk about it," he says.

That's why many voters didn't know about it in November when Humbert was on the ballot for the board of trustees at his alma mater.

Now that Hubert's past conviction has come to light, he says he's hoping to have chance to clear the air, and of the first things he's hoping to do is to sit down with the president of Cloud County Community College.

"I want to make sure that she doesn't have a problem working with me and the board doesn't have a problem," Hubert says.

Since his release from prison, Hubert says he's followed what the court has required and was looking at his run for the board as a chance to become a more productive member of society.

The chair of the Cloud County Community College says the board will evaluate the situation with the college's attorney.

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