Deadlines moved back in school funding case

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) — With the latest round in the battle over school funding fast approaching, both sides are getting a little more time to prepare their arguments.

On Wednesday, the Kansas Supreme Court shifted the deadline for submitting the initial briefs in the Gannon case to May 8, with response briefs being due a week later, on May 15.

Earlier this month, Attorney General Derek Schmidt's office asked the Justices for an extra 10 days - beyond the initial April 30 deadline - to file his brief contending the amount of funding would be enough, i.e. the 'adequacy' issue.

The request came after an $80 million flaw was found in the $534 million spending bill. Schmidt wanted the extra time so lawmakers could fix the error during the legislature's forthcoming wrap-up session, which is slated to end on May 4.

The state's lawyers said they would be prepared to file their briefs regarding the distribution of funds among the state's 321 school districts, also known as the 'equity' portion of the case. However, the plaintiffs contended the two issues were too intertwined to split up like that. Rather they said, if the Court were to move one they should move them both.

In a pre-hearing Tuesday, both sides came together to suggest the May 8 and May 15 dates. The Court ended up shaving a day of those dates and settled on the 7th and 14th, respectively.