WATCH: WIBW-TV starts everyday with the National Anthem

Published: Jun. 11, 2019 at 5:39 PM CDT
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A time honored tradition has come back on WIBW-TV.

“We at Gray Television and at WIBW are bringing back the national anthem to start our tradition local day,” said Roger Brokke, General Manager for WIBW-TV.

Sang by 9-year-old Reina Özbay, the video will show a sea to shining sea montage of our nation’s greatest views, and images of our everyday heroes who serve.

“The Song makes me think about all the people who go and fight for our freedom and our country. I’m very grateful for them and I love this song,” Ozbay said with pride.

“We hope that when people watch this, and look at it, they remember the sacrifices made by those in the past of military and first responders, and thing of the ones that are doing it today,” Brokke added.

While the tradition has come and gone, some hope that bringing it back will also help unite the community.

“Instead of thinking what’s in it for me, what’s in it for all of us, together. I think probably playing the nation anthem would make people stop for a minute and think about our nation and how we can work together,” Jan Cook expressed.

The National Anthem will play at 4:59 in the morning, just before 13 NEWS this morning, starting on Flag Day.

You’ll also see it on special days throughout the year.

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