DA: Lucas Hernandez investigation continues after Emily Glass' apparent suicide

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) -- Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett says his office and local law enforcement will continue their investigation into the death and disappearance of Lucas Hernandez.

Bennett made the announcement Friday afternoon. It follows the apparent suicide Friday morning of Emily Glass, the main person of interest in the investigation.

Wichita police said Glass was found in her home in the 600 block of S. Edgemoor along with three suicide notes and a rifle near her feet. Bennett said nothing in the notes brings a conclusion to the investigation regarding Lucas.

Wichita police arrested Glass on May 24 after she led a private investigator to Lucas' body. On May 30, Bennett announced no current charges would be filed in the investigation. Glass was freed hours later.

During Friday's news conference, Bennett said without Lucas' autopsy report and without a cause of death, his office was not in the position to charge Glass at that time.

"It never meant the case was over and we'd given up. It just meant we needed more time. These are complicated cases and they take some time to put together," said Bennett.

He said within the last 24 hours, Wichita police had received responses to subpoenas that were issued in the case. He said they were set to begin going through those subpoenas on Friday.

Bennett said once a resolution is reached in the Lucas Hernandez case, he will do the best his can to meet the public's need for information.

"If it turns out that, either there would be no charges filed, or that the only charges that would've been filed would've been against Ms. Glass, who is deceased, ostensibly, then, I'm not just going to be done with it," said Bennett.

"When we have arrived at some resolution, there will be a public accounting of that in some fashion," he said.