Crews remained prepared for winter weather

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- To many people in Northeast Kansas, it seems like the snow may never end. But after Tuesday night's winter storm, the Kansas of Department of Transportation says it's the one of easiest jobs they have done all season.

"This one was much more in our favor," KDOT Communications Director Laurie Arellano said, "Temperatures were good, we didn't start with a lot of ice on the roads, we were able to get out and remove that accumulation a lot faster than last time.

But Arellano says this winter season was also costly one.

KDOT spent $19.5 million on snow removal and road treatment so far, that amount hasn't been spent for almost 10 years.

"It's the crew labor and equipment," Arellano said.

In Topeka, city crews worked 12 hour shifts, clearing streets through the night and into the morning.

Both the interstate and city roads have seen multiple accidents due to slippery road conditions, but crews remain pushing to keep the roads safe.

"They are trained professionals they really truly love what they do," said Arellano.

And she says drivers should be patient, because snow storms are sure to happen again this season.

"We still have a lot of winter left," said Arellano.