Credit, debit card thefts plaguing Wamego, police warn

Chase Bank is changing its policy on credit cards so that you can't take them to court / Source: MGN
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WAMEGO, Kan. (WIBW) -- Multiple federal and state law enforcement agencies have been asked to join the Wamego Police Dept. in the hunt for whoever is behind a string of financial crimes involving credit and debit cards.

Wamego Police Chief Michael D. Baker, Sr., described the crimes to 13 NEWS as being similar to skimmer situations, noting that they are still trying to determine where the cards are being captured. Once the thieves have the card information, he says, they are reproducing them in order to steal the victims’ identities. He noted that the banks themselves were not breached.

In a pair of posts on the department’s Facebook page, Baker urged anyone who has been a victim to such crimes to contact their local law enforcement agency and file a report. He added that, even if it was reported to the financial institution, victims should still reach out to police.

“This is a criminal investigation. The more information we have, the better,” WPD said in a comment on the post.

Baker added he’s reached out to the U.S. Secret Service, FBI, and Kansas Bureau of Investigation for their help in the investigation. They are also working with the affected banks. The banks are canceling the cards of customers whose cards had their information stolen and issuing new ones to them.

Responding to a couple of other commenters, the Police Dept. explained to them their personal information was leaked and all of the banks in Wamego were affected.

“There are multiple others outside of our city limits as well. Your best bet is to check your account, and report any fraudulent activity,” it said.

No other information about the investigation was available.