Couples delaying "I do" impacts wedding industry

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Many wedding ceremonies are being rescheduled or even cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has made a huge impact on the wedding industry.

As spring and summer seasons are approaching, this is normally the season to attend a wedding, but some couples are having to delay their "I do's" for now.

Since the coronavirus shutdowns began, Topeka's Brownstone Wedding and Venue had to close its doors to over 63 events.

"Not holding events for four months, it really does make a huge financial impact," Managing Director of the Brownstone Wedding & Event Venue and owner of the Milestone Market, Abbey Brown said.

At the Brownstone Wedding & Event Venue, caterers and vendors would normally be in the midst of the wedding season rush, but instead they are dealing with a different outcome.

Abbey says the impact ripples out, "it's not just affecting venues, it's affecting caterers, it's affecting florists, it's affecting so many business."

"So, extremely, I won't lie it had been hard, there have been some really, really hard days," she explained. "Every conversation we have, not only are we providing maybe a reschedule or a refund, but you're also so invested in these couples, by having both the emotions and financial impact on you're business. So we're having to be really smart really thoughtful in how we use our funds."

As the state moves forward in phases, Abbey says the wedding industry will look different in the future, "the events coming up will have a little bit more structure than what we've seen in the past, there will be seating arrangements."

"There will be no self-serve beverages, everything will be served to you. Any entrance throughout the Brownstone, there will be hand sanitizer," she explained.

Though the coronavirus may be delaying the party, for some couples the love is not going anywhere and that's why the Brownstone created ways for couples to say I do.

"We're providing a 'Weddings on Wheels' option where we take our tables, take our ceremony setup and will take it to where the ceremony is going to happen," Brown said. "We have 'Party on your Porch,' which is a balloon-a-gram, really our whole goal is to spread some joy so that we can move forward in this season."

Abbey Brown says there are a few weddings scheduled in June.

For more information on the 'Weddings on Wheels' and the 'Party on your Porch,' click here.