Council candidates visit Hi-Crest to make appeal for votes

Published: Oct. 24, 2019 at 10:38 PM CDT
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You'll vote on municipal office and school board races November 5th - but do you know who those candidates are?

The Hi-Crest NIA wants to be sure its residents know their choices for Topeka City Council by holding a candidate forum at Avondale East Thursday night.

The even-numbered Topeka districts are up for vote.

District four has one candidate - district eight has two.

Districts two and six have three each - five of those candidates were at Thursday night's forum.

"It's wonderful that people are getting out and really educating themselves on the different candidates," said Dist. 6 Candidate Hannah Naeger

Dist. 6 Candidate Clark Trammell says the forum had three goals.

"Get people to know you, you get to know people, and to really start to bring various parts of the community together," he said.

People learned each candidate's strengths.

"It's a short answer, experience," Trammell said.

"I have that experience base, but I'm also representative of that kind of that newer push for change," said Dist. 6 Candidate Lucas Ryan.

"I understand what it means to be a servant leader," Naeger said.

Tamika Terry and Will Pope are two of the three candidates in district two - Christina Valdivia-Alcala is the third.

Valdivia-Alcala was not present at the forum.

Each candidate underscored the importance of keeping people in their district.

"We have kind of this narrative that young people need to leave Topeka if they want to do anything, and that's just not true," Ryan said.

They also emphasized working as a team with the rest of the city.

"This city is on the precipice of really becoming the centerpiece of Kansas," Trammell said.

"We have to collectively address our community as a whole, not as individual segments."

Naeger echoed that thought, saying, "It's not just about who is your city council member because we all ultimately end up representing the city."

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