Colyer signs bill to fix flaw in school funding law

Gov. Jeff Colyer speaks to those gathered at Topeka's Seaman High School Tuesday morning, April 17, 2018, for the signing of the school finance bill. (Thad Allton/Topeka Capital-Journal via AP)
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TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer has signed legislation fixing a flaw in a new public school funding law as the state Supreme Court prepares to consider whether it increases spending enough.

Colyer's office tweeted photos Monday from a signing ceremony at the Olathe public schools' headquarters. The bill ensures that the state phases in a $534 million increase in spending over five years as intended.

Legislators learned before Colyer signed the new funding law in April that it inadvertently shorted schools $80 million.

The Supreme Court ruled in October that the state's current funding of more than $4 billion a year isn't sufficient under the state constitution.

Attorney General Derek Schmidt planned to file written defense of the law Monday ahead of a Supreme Court hearing on it May 22.