Cold weather won't stop these football fans

SILVER LAKE, Kan. (WIBW) - Friday night was the coldest Kansas football night this year.

Fans of Silver Lake and Riley County didn’t let it stop them, they bundled up.

Jared Wilt, a Riley County football fan said, "I’ve got two North Face jackets on, I got a sweatshirt on, I got military-grade long-johns on, I got gloves ... I'm prepared."

They wouldn't miss playoff night for anything, even freezing temps.

Bridget Remer, a Silver Lake parent, saw the cold weather coming.

"Starting on Monday we started looking towards the forecast and we knew that it was gonna be really, really cold," she said.

She says people even brought heaters.

"They just run on these little propane fuel tanks and they give off a great amount of heat, for the boys though parents got together and did their big mobile ones or even pulled them out of their garage and brought them down for the boys on the sidelines," she said.

Here are a few quick tips to keep your heat:
- Stay moving activity generates body heat.
- Wear thick-soled shoes - it provides extra material between you and the cold ground.
- The same goes for your seat. Blankets work well, but a rubber yoga mat can insulate even better.
- And of course, hot liquids are a must-have

Remer says preparation can make all the difference.

"We are forward-thinkers here at Silver Lake, cause we love our football, we love our boys, and whoever is gonna stay the warmest is gonna win."