Clouds didn't stop the eclipse spirit at Washburn's Yager Stadium

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - It was hot and sunny as people stood in line outside Washburn’s Yager Stadium to grab a pair of free eclipse glasses.

“I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time, for a couple of months now,” said Washburn Sophomore, Alyssa Hernandes. “Me and my dad have been getting ready for it for a couple months. My whole family has glasses already. We’re really excited for this.”

But as it got closer to 1:06 P.M., the time Topeka peaked with 99% of the sun blocked, clouds covered the sky.

“I’m disappointed,” said Washburn President, Dr. Jerry Farley. “I think I told you the nursery rhyme ‘clouds, clouds go away come again another day.’ They haven’t gone away yet.”

Still, the clouds didn’t stop the spirit inside the stadium.

“It’s a once in a lifetime event and being able to spend time with my family and see this is something that will be important to me,” Topeka resident, Adrian Guerrero, said.

Washburn President Jerry Farley says the eclipse was as much social as it was scientific.

“We wanted to do something today for the students here on campus, for citizens here in Topeka, to give them a venue where they can be with one another,” said Dr. Farley. “People like being with other people and look around isn’t this a beautiful sight here?”

Washburn representatives say they gave out 35,000 pairs of eclipse glasses and sold about 200 boxed lunches.

Even without the sun students say it was an event to remember.

“It was still really cool,” said Washburn student, Kristen Thiessen. “It did get really dark and we could hear the cicadas and I thought that was really cool. It did feel like it was nighttime.”