Cloud Co. Community College holds explosion drill

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JUNCTION CITY, Kan. (WIBW) -- Cloud County Community College had a mass casualty situation on its hands Wednesday, but it was only a drill.

Faculty, students and the Junction City Fire Dept. came together to make the practice exercise as realistic as possible. They used a smoke machine to simulate an explosion and firefighters responded in full gear.

Students dressed as injured victims in the scenario, wearing fake blood and bandages.

School staff members said they treat the drill very seriously and respond exactly how they would in a real life.

Junction City Fire Chief Terry Johnson said the drill gave his firefighters additional training.

“We used an explosion in the kitchen area and so we had fire units, EMS unit, and the police department and sheriffs department come out so its been a full joint effort," Johnson said.

Student Krissy Still said she always felt safe on campus but the drill gave her more confidence in the staff.

“It showed me that the instructors and staff of Cloud Community College - they were prepared for this and they knew what to do in situations like this," Still said.

School staff say the drill was a success.