City finally to bring up new Topeka flag on council agenda

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIIBW) -- The proposed city flag will finally get its day before the Topeka City Council.

According to Mayor Michelle De La Isla and City Manager Brent Trout, the flag hasn’t been on the agenda due to time constraints.

“The agendas have been really crunched because we have only two meetings in October. We have only two meetings in November. That’s really crunched,” Trout explained.

The Greater Topeka Partnership unveiled the design in April. It was chosen by public vote in a contest that spanned several months.

While not adopted officially, the Partnership has been distributing the flag to those who want it.

“It’s our community’s flag. Even though the Council is making a ratification for adoption, hopefully, when we have this meeting. It really is still going to remain the community's flag that you guys can use and have fun with,” said De La Isla.

Trout said they plan on putting the flag on the November 19th or December 3rd agenda and De La Isla is "more than sure" it will be passed.