City says Kansas law stopping White family from viewing body cam footage

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - After several requests, the family of Dominique White thought they might see the Topeka Police body and dash cam video from the day he was shot and killed by officers.

However, the private viewing is on hold.

The lawyers representing White’s family say they met last week with City Manager Brent Trout and Interim Police Chief Bill Cochran, and were told they would be able to watch the body cam video on Monday.

But the city says, under state law, they can’t legally do that just yet.

White was shot and killed September 28th by two Topeka police officers responding to a shots fired call near Ripley Park.

Police initially reported White had struggled with officers, reached into his pocket, where officers thought he had a gun, and they fired.
Lawyers for the White’s say the video viewing was set to be done Monday, but was called off.

According to a written statement from Molly Hadfield, Topeka Media Relations Director, “City officials have been keeping in contact with Dominique White’s family and the attorneys representing them. Under Kansas law, certain persons may request to view a body worn camera video prior to it being released to the public. These include the heir at law or an executor or administrator of Dominique White’s estate. We are working with the White family to allow viewing under these parameters in compliance with state law.”

White’s children, who are ages 13 and under, are the heirs to White's estate, and are too young to watch the video.

They city says they are working with the White family lawyer to establish an adult who is a legal representative for the family to view the body camera video.