City of Topeka talks infrastructure improvements, future projects

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - The City of Topeka gave an update Tuesday morning on their plans for roads next year.

City Manager Brent Trout updated the League of Women Voters, along with others, at the library. He talked about improvement projects over the next few years and issues the city has addressed this past year.

Trout says it's great to visit with the community about issues effecting them.

"The ability to engage in the community is critical for us to get our story out, to make sure that people understand the good work the employees are doing and also, in general, the governing body and the priorities of the mayor and the governing body are," Trout said.

Voters in Topeka decided to extend the half-cent sales tax on Tuesday for another 10 years. The money will go towards fixing city streets and sidewalks.