City of Topeka suspends enforcement of parking regulations due to COVID-19

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Effective March 24, enforcement of on-street parking regulations has been suspended in the City of Topeka. Exceptions include Americans with Disabilities (ADA) violations, reserved spaces, construction work areas, and public safety-related violations.

At this time, enforcement officers will continue to patrol the downtown area, but will not be issuing tickets.

Effective immediately:

-Non-payment for on-street parking meters will not be subject to citation
-Enforcement of on-street parking in time-restricted locations is suspended
-Payment is not required in city owned garages for hourly customers, a ticket will still need to be pulled for access to the garage but there will be no charge upon exit
-Enforcement will still be in effect in all public parking garages, off-street parking lots, reserved spaces, construction work areas, and spaces reserved for ADA parking and fire and emergency vehicle access
-If you are parking in a designated ADA parking space, please remember display your ADA placards or plates